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Architectural Photography throughout Illinois and the Midwest

Chicago architecture photographer Martin Konopacki, quality results for your project.

Retouching Before/After Retouching Before/After

Occasionally, the luxury of waiting for the best time... (Click the image to read more)

United Airlines Neon Walkway United Airlines Neon Walkway

If you ever traveled through Chicago's O'Hare Airport, chances... (Click the image to read more)

Milwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee Art Museum

These two images of the Milwaukee Art Museum show... (Click the image to read more)

Galyan's Galyan's

This retail store has a strong and dynamic... (Click the image to read more)

Chicago Skyline Chicago Skyline

This Chicago skyline image was created by using a rotating... (Click the image to read more)

Balaji Temple Balaji Temple

The Balaji Temple, located in Aurora, Illinois, is an excellent... (Click the image to read more)

The Farnsworth House The Farnsworth House

This glass house is a masterpiece of modernist... (Click the image to read more)

Sunset Foods Sunset Foods

In this photo of the Sunset Foods store, designed ... (Click the image to read more)

MK Photo methods that work:

  • Scouting photos are taken to predetermine camera angles.
  • Have contact information of key people responsible for property.
  • Plan what retouch may be needed during the photo shoot. Shoot extra elements and angles as needed.


  • Determine facade compass direction.
  • Eliminate unnecessary elements: cars, construction, litter, etc.


  • Establish time of highest and lowest activity.
  • Determine light sources and light color.
  • Reposition or add furniture, props and plants.

Martin Konopacki Photography can create the photographic artistic visualization of your property, of what is or even of what it is to be.

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