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I have a camera, why hire Martin Konopacki Photography?
For photography that requires quality and assurance, you are wise to consider the experience and quality MK Photo can provide for you. As a dedicated photographer, your project will have undivided attention and follow-through for each phase of the project. Doing your own photography may limit the full potential of the project. Additionally, you will have to dedicate and divide your time beforehand in preparation, during the photo shoot and afterwards with follow up work and processing. Of course the quality of the images will be commensurate to the experience and skill of the photographer.

My company needs a brochure of our product - how can MK Photo help?
Here are suggestions to consider when you begin your plans:

  • Determine the message are you trying to convey
  • What is the timetable? 
  • Format and Reproduction size.

Meet with your designer, printer, and photographer to determine the objective and budget. MK Photo will guide you in planning and presentation of the images for your project, as well as creative options, backgrounds, lighting, time and cost estimates.

Can you provide retouching for the photos?
Yes. I started retouching images digitally in 1992 with Photoshop. I adhere to the Hippocratic oath for retouching: First, do no harm. An amateur job of retouching can ruin even the best photograph.

What can Martin Konopacki Photography provide for my project?
MK Photo offers experience and dedication important to the details of your project. Listening to your objectives is the priority of our creative process. High resolution, processed images can be provided on a disc or sent electronically in a format that is suitable for multiple applications and uses (such as print or web). 

What about cost?
A quote can be provided by MK Photo for your job based on an estimate of the time required for the creation of your photography.

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