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As eloquent as any form of image making can be, the photography of Martin Konopacki offers a distinctive expression of creativity to the medium. Whereas the definition of fine art can be debated in any form, it still holds true that beauty (and art) is in the eye of the beholder. For whatever purpose you may be acquiring fine art photography, aesthetic appreciation or for investment, the primary consideration is the appeal of the artwork to you personally. Could you live with this image? Does it have meaning beyond the context of the design? Does it have a modernity, pertaining to a time? Traditionally black and white photographs offer an established form of fine art for many varied uses. The illustrations here are a few examples of form and technique.

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No Smoking No Smoking

Creating an erie effect with smoke was achieved... (Click the image to read more)

Cirrus Trees Cirrus Trees

The Chicago lakefront is photographed in infrared... (Click the image to read more)

Buckingham Fountain Buckingham Fountain

The powerful jets of the Buckingham Fountain in... (Click the image to read more)

Frozen Beach Frozen Beach

At 14 degrees below zero, this placid scene... (Click the image to read more)

Cumulus Clouds Cumulus Clouds

Even with the slow moving subject of a cumulus... (Click the image to read more)

Horses in Infrared Horses in Infrared

This image of horses grazing was taken with a black... (Click the image to read more)

Night Bridge Night Bridge

It was a dark and foggy night, which can be a compelling... (Click the image to read more)

Passing Time Passing Time

Color toning can be used to enhance or suggest... (Click the image to read more)

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