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MK Photo LLC is now on the road full time. I will continue to create photographs and produce images that generate opportunities for you.


Tips on communicating your images in the 21st century

As an advertising photographer in Chicago for 40 years,  I have created images that sell and communicate. Through the industry’s transition from film to digital,      the pursuit of quality and creativity always stays constant.

Use this site as a resource for examples of today's latest trends and tips for producing your photography projects.

For over a century and a half photography has been a process of a light sensitive emulsion on a piece of glass or clear plastic. With the development of digital imaging greater control and opportunities are available for communicating your ideas. Preparation and knowledge are your tools. Click on the subject buttons at the left for examples from the MK Photo portfolio and for information and tips.

Where Are We Now?

You can follow us as we travel across America.          

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