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Food Photography
Chicago food photographer Martin Konopacki

Presenting photography that is delicious. For images that have a mouth watering appeal, the preparation of the food and the planning of the shoot is essential.

Click on the examples to see how Martin Konopacki Photography can provide the lighting, environment and creative expertise to turn your food photos into beautiful images.

Meat Meat

Time and temperature sensitivity are a significant... (click the image to read more)

T-Bone T-Bone

Let the background enhance and not distract... (click the image to read more)

Liquor Liquor

'Good Taste Travels Light'  This was the theme of a series ... (click the image to read more)

Redi-Cut Foods Redi-Cut Foods

Creating the look of freshness is critical with any ... (click the image to read more)

Cheesecake Cheesecake

The image in this ad for the American Dairy Council ... (click the image to read more)

Shrimp Layout Shrimp Layout

In this photograph for shrimp packaging, a layout ... (click the image to read more)

Maxwell Style Polish Maxwell Style Polish

Chicago style for appetite appeal ... (click the image to read more)

Tips for Consideration

  • First, define how you will use the image, such as print or web.
  • Coordinate planning and communication between the principles (including Art Director, client, food stylist and photographer).
  • Consider shooting at a photo studio, production kitcken or alternate location.
  • Be sure more than enough food product is available for preparation.
  • Props are an important accent of the composition, collect an assortment prior to the photo shoot.
  • Food is time sensitive, create a time budget for productivity.

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